I am delighted to have been given your details by Thermomix UK. My name is Ghislaine, I have been your local demonstrator for Thermomix UK for over twelve years (based in Maida Vale, W9).


I offer a one hour demonstration during which I show you how to cook 2 to 3 recipes to show you the functions of the thermomix on-line (zoom, skype or microsoft teams) and or in person in your kitchen (I bring my tm6 and you provide some ingredients and we cook together, I can send you a list to choose recipes from, we normally do a quick salad, a choice of risotto/cheese scones/soup and a sorbet!) .


The TM6 costs £1,149 and that includes the delivery within 2-3 days, accessories, a two-year guarantee, a book and a demonstration.


You can invite a couple of friends to join the demonstration and earn a host gift to watch the demo on-line with us.


I can offer a demonstration this Tuesday at 10am or 7 pm or this Saturday at 2pm.


Meanwhile, you may want to order directly on the website https://www.vorwerk.co.uk/shop/


(my advisor  thermomix advisor ID 800 000 0077 and please select the premium delivery in premium 3-5 days). You can have a demonstration after the delivery if you want.


I am on instagram on https://www.instagram.com/mercigaia/?hl=en