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Here are my best thermomix tips so that is becomes your valuable sous-chef in the kitchen!

In preparation for your new arrival, here are a few links that may help you get organised, ready to unpack and use your TM6 straight away

  • For your first registration to the recipe platform

    • please make sure you log on from a laptop or home computer (not a tablet or phone for the first registration)

    • using Firefox, google chrome or Explorer (not Safari)

    • you are ready to set up an account on the website where you will receive a 30 day free trial. This will be in addition to the free 6 month subscription that you receive with your new TM6.

  • To renew your subscription after 7 months, you must login again on the full cookidoo website on a a laptop or home computer (again, NOT the app on a tablet or mobile phone).

  • any other time, you can use the app on a tablet or a smart phone




Once you are on have registered on the Cookidoo recipe site, you will want to access the other countries recipes.


  • Start looking at recipes and creating collections of things you’d like to cook, for example, ‘Soup’, ‘Curry’, ‘Pasta’, and even collections for members of your household. Here are a couple of useful Cookidoo® videos

            Introducing Cookidoo®

            Cookidoo® Tutorials

Save and bookmark your recipes

You can apply a series of filters, by countries & language in your profile by default.

Further filters can be set as and when needed. When looking for recipes, I would always recommend you choose from 4 or 5 * rated recipes for best results. 

Search for recipes and plan your week

You can add your favourite recipes to custom lists, to your weekly planner or the shopping list which can then shared with others. 

on-line grocery shopping : you can add the ingredients from your selected recipes for the following grocery directly into your shopping basket of shopping sites: Amazon Fresh, Asda, Ocado or Sainsbury.

You will find that each recipe has tips and nutritional value hidden away on a little arrow underneath the picture. It also has an option to make it a favourite, much easier to find another time. 

Created recipes option to enter your own recipes on the platform & then to have them displayed directly on your tm6 screen :  I personally have entered several of my own recipes and have personalised cookidoo recipes to my taste & to secure them from other changes but otherwise I still rely on my notes elsewhere (paper or Google drive or my website). Created recipes are really useful when you want to enter own recipes to use on autopilot or for other members of your household.


Explore - how to find your next dish inspiration


These blog style articles are incredibly helpful (and you can select the filter of your preferred country).



Once you have created your Cookidoo account with your TM6 serial number, don’t forget to go to settings to register your wifi on your TM6 to keep it synchronised with your list of recipes, saved collections & menu planner.


Step 1: Switch on the Thermomix TM6

Step 2: Choose your language and country settings

Step 3: Connect to your Wi-Fi

Step 4: Log into your Cookidoo Account




  • Check out the series of eight TM6 ‘How To Series’ videos that cover everything from unpacking your Thermomix® to using the Varoma.


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  • As a first point of reference, it is worth reading the the user manual, as it does include simple hints and tips, in addition to the usual safety instructions. 

  • I am adding below links to videos which may prove more user-friendly.

  • We have a 24 Hour Support Website to answer any question or query you may have – just type your question in and up will pop an answer. This is updated on a regular basis. 

  • For technical issues, please contact the after-sale service .








To turn your machine ON/OFF you hold the main silver button down for a few seconds. 

To save energy, the TM6 switches off automatically after 15 minutes when not in use. 



It is VERY IMPORTANT to lift rather than pull the machine when moving it around on your work surface. The scales are in the feet and they should be looked after carefully.

Use one hand on the handle at the top of the thermomix and the other hand under the base to lift & move your thermomix (If your bowl is full and heavy, you may want to remove it first and replace it onto the thermomix once you have relocated it).

Your thermomix should be standing evenly on a clean, dry work surface, on all three feet.

It’s important that the power cable doesn’t get trapped under the appliance or pulled too tight, and you also need to keep the feet clean and free from anything that might interfere with them (grains of salt or sugar, crumbs).



Your home screen displays three disks for Time, Temperature (optional) and Speed. Press on one disk on the screen to select setting & dial the required setting with the large grey button selector on the right hand side of the screen. 

All thermomix recipes have you going from left to right, i.e. set Time, then Temperature then Speed. 

To access functions such as scales or kneading etc, swipe left to access a new screen & select desired function.

When using speed 10 or the kneading function (normally one or two minutes maximum), please stay near your machine in case it moves slightly.

To access the cookidoo platform, swipe right to access new screen & you can select recipes etc. (more on this later).

On a recipe, at the top right hand side of the screen, you will see 3 dots which take you to a selection of options to PREVIEW all the steps (while you are already in the middle of cooking a recipe) or to skip some steps. 



Although the base is unspeakably stiff to twist off in the first day or two, don’t worry. It will loosen up very quickly and is then easy as anything. You do want to remove it for thorough cleaning. Push the base clockwise if the bowl is upright and anti clockwise if you have it upside down. 

Never fill the jug over 2.2 litres, the levels are marked inside the bowl. 



When using the butterfly whisk, the maximum speed is 4. At higher speed, it could fly off and get damaged. For best result & stability, the whisk should sit on the left of the highest blade for emulsifying, whipping & whisking. 



Also be aware of not banging spoons or spatulas on the bowl (assuming the bowl is on the machine) such as when you are trying flick mixture off a spoon. 


You can now direct the steam coming out of the tm6 with the measuring cup orientation. It is very useful to direct the steam away from wall cabinets. 


You can steam food (the healthiest way of cooking, while preserving vitamins & nutrients) or sterilise jars & bottles.


Additional functions which can be found when swiping left from the home screen. 



When doing Kneading, set time first, then select Dough and turn dial on right to start.



When using the turbo function (crushing ice or grinding parmesan), press on the home symbol at the top right hand side of the screen to exit the function.


OPTIONAL BLADE COVER for the following uses:


For root vegetable (small potatoes, bunch of small beetroots, carrots in chunks, small turnips), root spices (turmeric, ginger) or even garlic, you will love using this optional stainless steel blade cover. You need small potatoes of similar size or carrots cut into chunks. It works only with hard fresh vegetable.



How to click the blade cover in place.



You can use the programmed cleaning functions (dough, universal, fat, browning) on your thermomix. 

In manual mode, for a thorough precise wash, add one litre of tap water, 40g vinegar, 10mins, varoma temperature, speed 3.

If you are using hot water from the tap, then just set the settings to 3 minutes, varoma temperature, speed 3.

Always do a vinegar wash before making yogurt or pavlovas/meringue or beating egg whites to make sure your bowl is absolutely free of grease or other food residues

To dry bowl perfectly prior to grinding (spices, flours...) try speed 1, 40 degrees for 1 min. Another trick is to flick blades for a few seconds speed 10 on both forward and reverse to ensure any residual water is flicked out into the sides of the bowl and easier to dry.

It is a good idea to purchase a very small bottle brush for cleaning under the blades. Only handle the blades by the top or bottom knob. They are very sharp. 



For those of you with young children you may find the transport mode useful. Put your steaming basket in the bowl. Go to MENU, then SETTINGS, then scroll down to the TRANSPORTATION MODE, press the ACTIVATE green box. Then switch off the tm6 by pressing the silver selector & then switch off the socket where the tm6 is plugged in.

To power it back on, switch on the socket and then your thermomix.


If you want to take your thermomix with you on holidays or at somebody’s house, please use the transportation mode to protect the scales & you may want to purchase the travel bag to carry it with you safely.



There are several websites which are really useful - excellent for those with dietary requirements - excellent Asian food recipes - beautiful baking -


You can find virtually any recipe online if you hunt around.


And a couple of very good French ones which are automatically translated if you use google chrome:




And many more videos on thermomix UK youtube channel


Every time you finish a shop bought product you can google if you can make it instead (or look on the cookidoo platform, the thermomix recipe community is also fabulous). My lastest will be bbq sauce, the bottle is nearly empty.

Hot chocolate powder, icing sugar, tomato sauce, Worcester sauce, mayonnaise, sweet chili sauce, passata, granola, crumble mix, rice flour, coconut milk, pickles, cordials, playdough, nut bars, golden syrup, peanut butter, butter, stock and probably more I've forgotten. I often reuse the shop bought containers, especially jars which I clean in the dishwasher & sterilise in my thermomix varoma.


Any of your friends and family who may be interested in seeing a Thermomix can call me direct on 07939534208, it is easier than going through head office.


If you would like a second demonstration invite 2-3 new guests and you can earn a gift such as a Thermomix cookery book or a Silicon Mat or whatever offer is available that month.

If you use your thermomix a lot or for big quantities or complex recipes, I would recommend to consider getting a second bowl. 

And you can also get the thermomix friend, it is a motorised base which acts like a back burner to do gentle cooking & steaming while your tm6 does the heavy lifting. You can use your thermomix friend to complement your second bowl for extra large recipes or to cook lots of food at the same time (especially if you steam food) or keep your food at the right temperature, it is also much quieter than the tm6!


I want you to love your Thermomix and tell your friends about it. 
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