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perfect egg - TM5

2 kg water

2 to 4 eggs

to serve : salt & sansho pepper


  1. Weigh 2.1kg of water in the bowl (or just above the 2 litre mark). Gently place the eggs (in their shell) in the steaming basket.

  2. Cook 50 minutes/65 degrees C/speed 3 for TM5 

  3. Gently crack the eggs, one by one into a small bowl and scoop out to serve onto a plate or a slice of toasted bread. (Do not skip this step, it serves to remove the liquid unappetising excess albumen).

  4. Serve immediately with salt & sansho pepper

  5. Result : a slow poached egg with a very creamy, perfect texture, every time! The sansho pepper gives a lemony kick.